👋 Hi, I'm Thomas

I'm from France and I live in Paris.

I'm a front-end engineer with a particular love for improving legacy codebases.
My areas of expertise are React, Functional Programming and general front-end application architecting.

I'm currently leading the web team at Wire, a secure messenger.
Together with my team of 6 people, we shape the future of Wire's end-to-end encryption protocol based the brand-new MLS protocol.
Everything we do is Open Source and can be found in the Wire webapp GitHub repository.

I have started my career in 2012 working as the only front-end developer of DoYouBuzz. Back then, the application was entirely written in jQuery and was... well... a mess!
This is probably where I understood the concept of spaghetti code...
In 2013 and I led the front-end migration of DoYouBuzz from jQuery to AngularJS (back then React was not even a thing).

While working at DoYouBuzz, I also was very active in the tech community of my hometown, Nantes. I gave a few talks at NantesJS and eventually got hooked into public speaking! My proudest moment was probably giving a lightning talk at dotjs 2016 about writing UI as pure functions of time.
You can find all my talks here!

I also got very involved in the Cycle.js community and became an active contributor to the project.
I got to meet incredible people, among which André Staltz who has positively influenced my technical skills like no-one before!
I'm forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with André!

In general, I'm very curious and eager to learn!

Please feel welcome in this small piece of the internet that I own and that I like to call my blog 🤗

You can find here: Twitter | Github | This blog's RSS feed